Over the years I’ve had quite a few attempts at running a blog. It didn’t seem so foolish in my 20s now in my 40s it feels like a blog is for younger folk. So why am I here?

Lately I have started new habits that have brought me here. I’m trying to develop a second brain (in digital format, not growing one on my shoulder). This has led me to learn new things and it has given me a desire to express myself in new ways. I want to create. Build physical and digital things and use what I have learned to help others do the same. I want to inspire creativity in my children and be inspired by their creativity. And all of this needs a forum. A space to bring together all the other spaces I inhabit online.

So I will write, and photograph, and video, and game, and podcast to my heart’s content and see where it all leads me. Maybe I’ll yell into the void. Or maybe I’ll help someone else yell louder than I could and be buoyed by their success.

Let’s see where this goes


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