Notetaking in Obsidian

I’ve moved my notetaking to obsidian. Obsidian is a knowledge management and note-taking app that takes a unique approach compared to traditional note-taking tools I’ve read Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte and I’ve been following the PARA method for a while using a combination of google notes and google docs. You know I’m …

Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Took a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin At the weekend. I had just been with the kids earlier in the week but the weather didn’t work out well for us so I went again while there was a bit of sunshine! I’ll be back there soon! Enjoying the photography sessions though

Monday Family Stream

Did a shorter than usual live stream tonight. Needed an early night. That idea didn’t pan out. But I’ve made a good start on the storage system for the new temple. And Sage is cracking on with their Barbie dream house.


Over the years I’ve had quite a few attempts at running a blog. It didn’t seem so foolish in my 20s now in my 40s it feels like a blog is for younger folk. So why am I here? Lately I have started new habits that have brought me here. I’m trying to develop a …