Hi there! I’m Seán

Sharing my thoughts and experiences on technology, communication, and my personal interests.

– About me


I’m a seasoned professional in the world of technology, specializing in Video Conferencing Engineering, Network Infrastructure Management, Asset Management, and Program Leadership. My career revolves around the exciting intersection of technology and communication, where innovation and seamless connectivity are paramount!

Beyond my professional pursuits, I nurture a deep personal fascination for diverse interests, including the art of Model Flight, the creative realms of Minecraft, the capture of captivating moments through Photography, and the intricate world of Home Networking.

Within the virtual pages of this blog, I embark on a journey to share my insights and experiences across an eclectic spectrum of topics, intertwining the threads of my professional expertise with the canvas of my personal passions. Join me as we explore and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, creativity, and life itself.