What I Learned – Week 38


Clasp is a command line app for syncing with Apps Script projects. It allows me to edit apps script locally in a IDE like VS Code and then use git for change management. It’s been a real eye opener in terms of managing my apps script projects so I’m excited to use this going forward and I’ll try and publish some of the invoicing stuff I’ve been working on on github.


I’ve been using github for ages to get various projects installed on my machine but I never really used it for managing my own projects. After getting VS Code set up for using CLASP I thought I might as well put some of the projects I’m working on up to github. It’s been reall good to get to know it and I’ll hopefully be publishing some of the projects on my site soon

Uploading Files via Apps Script

This one took me most of the week to figure out. There were various suggestions online as to how to do it via a web app. I got the web app working multiple times but as soon as I added in the file upload part of the form the whole thing stopped working. In the end I just used a google form with an onSubmit() function to upload the file and then get the file details for processing once it was uploaded. Thiat seems to have worked very well.

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