OpenProject Import to Google Sheets

I’ve been using OpenProject to track some of my personal projects for a while and I’ve had the need to import time entries from openproject into google sheets. I’d looked around online and couldn’t find a prebuilt way to do this automatically without exporting to excel format first and then uploading. Also I wanted it to sync and I wanted a reason to practice my coding so I gave a go to writing an apps script that will use the OpenProject API to sync projects over.


I’m going to try and publish my coding projects here to help force me to actually finish them and write some documentation. I’ve started writing notes for my projects in obsidian so it shouldn’t be too hard and writing these will help me improve my skills at explaining what my code is doing.

I’ve published the code on the gitHub project page

A really useful tool while I was trying to work on this was postman. This tool lets you test your API queries to see if they’re working. I’d never worked with a REST API before and it was a very steep learning curve. It took a lot of poking to make it work and understanding the openProject documentation wasn’t easy for me. But with persistance I got it figured out.

I’ve been learning to use VSCode for writing my apps scripts. Using Clasp to manage changes to the apps script project. For this project I installed the VSCode extension called Cody. It’s an AI code writing assistant and it was really useful for the most part. it did make some mistakes that took me some troubleshooting to figure out but not more mistakes than I usually make and I got to save a lot of time writing functions that were easy but repetitive.

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